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The Spiritual Alchemist– For your HOME, Mind, Body & Spirit

I am super excited about my new product line “The Spiritual Alchemist”. Before I was a Real Estate Agent, I was in the beauty business for over 13 years as a product developer, I have been a Reiki Master for over 10 years and a Karate Instructor for over 25 years. I have been aware of and practiced with Ki, Chi, Prana, Life Force energy for a long time, so it has been a dream of mine to create this product line and come full circle now to bring these products and lifestyle to you.

The Spiritual Alchemist product line was created to enhance the energies in your home, mind, body and spirit. Made with essential oils, crystals, pink himilayan sea salt, herbs, flowers and attuned to Reiki. Whether you resonate with this stuff or not, the fact is that everything carries energy. On some level everyone understands this. You get a vibe when someone walks into a room, That is energy. You turn on the news and you cringe, that is energy. The more you pay attention to these things, the more you understand. Today, more and more people are open to learning about this and getting more in tune with it. You can see it all over the world, people are waking up!

The Spiritual Alchemist product themes are Love, Zen, Manifest, Protection and Purification with white sage.
All of the following will be available soon retail and wholesale.

*Spiritual Alchemist Room & Aura Mists
*Spiritual Alchemist Bath Ritual
*Spiritual Alchemist Candles

As the brand evolves and grows, more products will be available.

Who is the Spiritual Alchemist?

YOU are! Every human being on this planet has the power to create their own reality. YOU have everything inside of yourself to create the best life and be the best version of yourself. A lot of people look outside of themselves for love, comfort and strength, but the truth is, all of those things are within you. The Spiritual Alchemist brand was created to remind each and every person that YOU ARE GOLDEN and it’s all within you. It is your intention that sets the path to your reality, to be the best version of yourself and to live your best life. The Spiritual Alchemist is not just a product line, but a way of life. To be aware of who and what you let into your energy field, to create balance in your life, mind and spirit.

In addition to the product line, I will be offering free videos, givaways, tips, home energy clearing techniques and more. Stay tuned for the launch of the Spiritual Alchemist website coming soon!

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